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In Defense of Cabernet Franc

In Defense of Cabernet Franc One of red Bordeaux’s best supporting actors seldom gets the recognition it deserves.

I’m headed to the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen later this month to host a few tasting seminars, and I’m proud to say that this will be my 21st year attending! The Classic is F&W’s signature event, bringing together the world’s foremost authorities on wine and food at over 80 cooking demonstrations and wine seminars. If you haven’t attended...

All About the Base

All About the Base Discovering wines that aren’t defined by the name of the grape(s).

I am just back from hosting a handful of, if I dare say, really fun wine tasting seminars (plus one dinner) at the tenth annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival, out in Monterey, California. I was thrilled to be asked back for my seventh year, and got to choose which seminars I wanted to host, which turned out to be super difficult, because there were...

Thoughts on Wine Temperature

Thoughts on Wine Temperature  I’m just back from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where I tasted a lot of delicious wines, especially Pinot Noirs and Rieslings—two grapes that that grow particularly well in this part of the country. I headed out west not only to get my hands dirty doing some harvest work at Brooks Winery, but also to host a seated wine tasting for 200 of Brooks’ Wine Club members who convene once a year at Linfield College to taste the latest vintages being released. 

Riesling Now. Really.

Riesling Now. Really.  At a sweltering outdoor party this past weekend I watched, somewhat covertly, as 50 or so guests reached into a huge cooler-on-wheels, plunged their hands into the ice-water bath, and selected bottles of white wine that appealed to them. As the guy who selected, deposited and restocked most of those bottles throughout the party, I was keenly aware that the tall, slender, “shoulderless” bottles—otherwise known and recognized as Riesling bottles—remained the least-chosen bottles. 

Beautifully Balanced Summer Cocktails

Beautifully Balanced Summer Cocktails Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked to host cocktail-making demonstrations. You may not know this but I’ve written several books on cocktails, including five volumes of the Mr. Boston Bartender’s Guide (collaborating with renowned barman Jim Meehan). The very first book I ever wrote, however, was actually a “ghost writing” assignment to help the cocktail master craftsman Dale DeGroff organize notes and stories he’d been writing for three decades into what became the wildly successful The Craft of the Cocktail. 

Summer of Brosé or Blasé?

Summer of Brosé or Blasé? The press releases are already, ahem, pouring into my inbox daily from publicists gushing about their clients’ new rosé just in time for Summer. And if we’re to believe the hype, even men who would normally reach for a beer are opting instead for copious glassfuls of the pink stuff. I was pretty sure that the whole trend had jumped the proverbial shark last summer when I read an article on a men’s lifestyle site entitled, "Make Way for Brosé: Why More Men Are Drinking Pink." Yes, Brosé. Has it all gone a little too far?

Virgina Wines

Virgina Wines Hello from the beautiful Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, Virginia, where the Virginia Wine Summit 2016 is getting under way. Yes, you read that right: Virginia. Wine. Summit. If you haven’t tasted wines from this part of the country you are in for a pleasant surprise. The wine industry here is booming, with more than 250 wineries—double the number a decade earlier—farming more than 3,500 acres of grapes.

Affordable Burgundy

Affordable Burgundy I had dinner with my parents recently and, as is usually the case, we ate a lot off delicious food and opened a few bottles of wine. I was delighted that my mom ‘surprised’ me with two bottles of Burgundy that I haven’t had in years and said so much to me about my — our, really — early days in fine wine drinking. Let me explain. While I’m a card-carrying sommelier since 1992, I have been enjoying wine with my family since I was in kindergarten (some two decades earlier). My Big Fat Italian Famiglia believed that wine belonged with every meal and in front of everyone, even the kids. It was always red. It was always chilled. And it was always served in rocks glasses — often with a couple of rocks. The kids’ glasses got a cream soda floater, to both sweeten and dilute the wine. Someone, I can’t remember which cousin, called it it the “spaghetti spritzer,” a phrase that always makes me smile.

The Rein of the Flute is Over

The Rein of the Flute is Over If you’re planning to reserve a romantic table for two for Valentine’s Day this month, pay attention to the glasses into which Champagne and sparkling wines are being poured, especially in very fine dining establishments—it might not be the flute you’ve come to expect. It still resembles a flute, in that it’s tall and lean, but it’s a lot wider than a flute, but not quite as round as a typical white wine glass. Rather, it’s something in between, a hybrid style that is the toast of sommeliers everywhere, and it’s made by the ‘it’ glassmaker of the moment, Zalto.

Grand Cru Champagne

Grand Cru Champagne Happy New Year! I hope you’ve been raising numerous glasses of deliciousness throughout the holiday season, toasting the limitless possibilities of a new year ahead.

Among the wines that I was most impressed with in the weeks leading up to, and including, New Year’s Eve and Day were the countless bottles of Champagne that I received as gifts or bought to celebrate with friends and family. Sure, it may seem cliché to talk about Champagne for toasting holidays — I can assure you that I drink the stuff year-round! — but there is something convivial and special about popping a cork on a bottle of sparkling to set the tone at the beginning of a gathering. At least for me and my peeps.

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